Seriously awesome beds for kids demand eyes on the internet.

Volkwagon look-a-like beds are huge. Dads spend months making them for their kids.

This is different. Leon is the VW Bus Bed built by Tim Mueller, an expert in wood working, materials and design. Tim is all too familiar with the design and even better at planning and crafting fun and safe bedroom furniture for kids.

The Leon is Slumberland Adventure’s flagship product, designed for a funding campaign and ready to launch with minimal orders. The website is designed to create interest and collect information from potential customers.

Web Design Digital Marketing for Leon Bus Bed by Slumberland Adventures

Landing Page Design

The Leon needed compelling content and clean imagery to present the idea of a look-a-like VW Bus Bed for kids and adventurous parents.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

The Leon Bus Bed depends on viral content to be a success. 57% of searches for furniture come from mobile. 61% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from mobile sites and apps that customize information to their location.

It’s imperative that the Leon concept is shared on social like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and relevant blogs with a young audience interested in old Volkswagon Buses and parents who want to show off something kick ass on social and provide an amazing room for their kids. With this in mind, a mobile responsive website for the Leon becomes even more important. That’s why we spent extra time providing a customized mobile website for them.

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