Jouras Injury Law is one of the most respected personal injury law firms in Kansas City. They represent. We present.

It doesn’t stop there. While the staff at Jouras Injury Law are representing their clients with compassion, honest law and success at winning tough cases, we’re working behind the scenes to bring in new cases through branding, digital marketing, AdWords, SEO and offline campaigns.

The website highlights his field of practice and expertise. It drives new clients and works to nurture client relationships. Landing pages capture leads and allow new clients to speak with the staff quickly. Costs per lead has decreased month over month and the overall number of new clients continues to grow.

Injury Lawyer Website Distracted Driving Videos in a Tesla

New Website Design

We created a custom website design to drive visitors to call or sign up for a free consultation. Calls to action have increased leads and the design entices users down the page to learn more about the firm.

Landing Pages

Landing pages for Google AdWords receive a large portion of the traffic to the website. We created multiple landing pages and used Optimizely for A/B testing so we could know which page converted best.

Optimized for Mobile

A mobile responsive website is mandatory. Users can Tap to Call on all phone numbers on the website, fill out an easy to use lead form that alerts cell phones when submitted. From Jan through Oct 2016 mobile makes up 36.5% of all traffic.

Easy Navigation

The homepage is full of content to highlight qualifications, testimonials and lead forms. One of the largest blocks of content is the firm’s areas of practice overview. Using tabs in this section allows the visitor to click a navigation item and quickly read the content without leaving the page.

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