We built a career website for the grocery store chains owned by Balls Food Stores

A successful online employment application developed by Evan Emerson for Hen House grocery stores brought in more than 30,000 applicants. Balls Foods owns and operates Hen House, 16 Price Chopper grocery stores and other food industry businesses. They needed the application to support all of their operations throughout the Kansas City metro.

We developed a career website to drive all applicants to, so they could learn about all opportunities available. The website was designed to highlight the benefits of working at Balls Foods’ companies and apply to multiple jobs at multiple companies.

Instead of expanding on our dated app, we researched and tested the top SaaS job application platforms and ultimately chose Applicant Pro for its pricing and ability drive more applicants per job opening. This saved Balls Foods thousands of up front development costs and gave them a system they could grow with.

The updated system has been a success, giving Balls Foods managers the ability to track and communicate with applicants throughout the hiring process.

Career Website Design for Balls Food Stores in Kansas City

Landing Page

The mobile responsive landing page intends to drive traffic to the list of job openings so visitors or job seekers can quickly view and apply for a job. It features a photo of the third generation owner, David Ball standing in one of the grocery stores.

Google Maps Store Locations Page

The locations page is easy for the website owner to update and automatically places pins on a Google map. The map and list of locations are filterable by zip code or city and mile radius. Each pin is color coded for the store brand.

Job Listings & Application Management

We researched multiple hiring software products. There are a handful of great solutions available. Knowing the client’s needs, we recommended Balls Foods go with Applicant Pro for features and price. They integrate every piece of the hiring process into one cloud based system.

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